Getting to & Getting Around TEL AVIV 2018

The gay centre of Tel Aviv is within walking distance of all the major hotels. A trip to the port or to one of the gay super clubs outside of town will require a taxi.

Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion airport has great duty free shops that are open 24 hours.

Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport has great duty free shops that are open 24 hours.


Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport is situated nine miles (14km) southeast of Tel Aviv, 30 miles (50km) west of Jerusalem. There are several convenient and reliable options for travelling from the airport.

Bus services to Jerusalem and Haifa depart every half hour, as well as services to Tel Aviv city centre and the seafront. Bus #22 goes past most major hotels and central places within Tel Aviv. Bus stops are situated in the airport central plaza.

Taxis can be hired from authorised dispatchers at the taxi stand near the exit from gate 8, close to the airport reception hall. Sheruts, shared taxis, are about half the price of private taxis and therefore a good option. In Terminal 3 buses and taxis are located on level 2. A train service operates from Terminal 3 to Tel-Aviv, Haifa, Akko or Nahariya between 3am and midnight and takes less than 20 minutes to Tel Aviv’s central train station. For an automated information line regarding transport and parking at the airport dial (0)3 972 3388 (English).

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Getting around TEL AVIV

Tel Aviv Taxi

Taxis are the easiest way to get around the city – A city that was built with cars in mind!

Tel Aviv Bus

You can get the bus from the airport to the centre of town. There are also buses to the major tourist attractions.


The city of Tel Aviv sprawls over such a large area that getting around without a car can be frustrating and time consuming. The complex network of freeways connecting the sprawl can be intimidating, especially for those not used to driving in big cities, but with a map or good directions, hiring a car is the best and most popular way to see Tel Aviv. The city was designed with the automobile in mind and is more driver-friendly than most big cities with wide streets and plenty of parking.

If possible, visitors should avoid rush hour traffic, which is heaviest from 7am to 10am and 3pm to 7pm, when freeways often come to a standstill. Many, however, are equipped with HOV (high-occupancy vehicle) lanes for those cars carrying more than one person – an attempt to curb vehicle emissions, these lanes tend to move more quickly.

Tel Aviv is one of the cheapest places in the country to rent a car. It is also possible to get around by bus, but frequent transfers and long distances can make this slow and impractical, and it is not recommended for late-night travel.

Metered taxis are plentiful and affordable, and a popular means of transportation, but beware of drivers taking long, indirect routes.

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Where we stay in Tel Aviv

When our editors stay in Tel Aviv for reports or parties – this is where they stay!

See The Sea Hotel
Great Rooftop Lounge

Set only 150 m from a sandy beach and offering a rooftop sun terrace with a panoramic view of the Mediterranean sea, See The Sea – Designed Rooms is located in Tel Aviv and provides air-conditioned accommodation. Free WiFi access is provided.

Brown TLV Urban Hotel

Brown TLV Urban Hotel sells fast on our website. The rooftop terrace at Brown TLV Urban Hotel offers panoramic views across Tel Aviv and the Mediterranean Sea. Located 300 m from Carmel Market, it offers luxury rooms and free Wi-Fi.

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